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Geared Traction Machine

  • Product Name:  Geared Traction Machine
  • Model NO.:  YJ125
  • Product Details:  Geared Traction Machine



Type of Control: VVVF Rated Speed: 0.63~1.0 m/s
Rated Load: 400kg Static Load: 2600kg
Noise Level: <61dB(A) Torsional Vibration: <2.0mm/s
Horizontal & Vertical Vibration: <0.8mm/s Installation Method: Machine Room

Overall & Installation Dimensions



ID No. Machine Type Type of Control Rated Load  Rated Speed Lifting Height Static Load Reduction Ratio Traction Ratio Specification of Traction Sheave Groove Spacing Motor Type Power Motor Revol
Power Source Current  Brake Voltage 
(kg) (m/s) (m) (kg) (mm) (kw) (r/min) (V/Hz) (A) (V)
Y6400001 YJ125A-Ⅰ VVVF 400 0.63 30 2600 1:48 1:1 Φ450-4-11 15 YPTD 132S1-4 4 1300 340/45 9.85 DC110
Y6400002 YJ125B-Ⅰ VVVF 400 1 30 2600 1:30 1:1 Φ450-4-11 15 YPTD 132S2-4 4.7 1300 340/45 11.42 DC110
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